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I just finished writing about my time in St Martin and all the fun things there are to do there and I am about to start writing about the different islands I visited with guest as I worked my way down the Leewards & Windward Islands. But I want to take a moment to tell you about my upcoming travels and blogs.

Right now you will find me in Kaliningrad and in order to get here I spent two days in Chicago exploring the downtown area and visiting the Sears Tower (once the tallest building in the world). After that I flew to New York City for a day in order to visit the old Met Life Building, which was a tallest in the world at one time and I missed last year. While in New York I got a ticket for Amateur Night at the Apollo Theatre, something I have wanted to watch for 10 years now. As great as those three days were they were just staging to take a flight to Europe.

Now I bet many of you are wondering where in the world is Kaliningrad. I know I was a couple years ago. Turns out it is a part of Russia that is separated from the mainland by Poland, Belarus, and Lithuania. I happen to still have a month on my Russian visa from when my dad an I rode the Trans-Siberian Train and I figured why not check it out. 🙂

From there I am going to work my way north through Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia before flying to the west coast of Turkey to see a few World Heritage Sites and maybe a Greek island or two and Cyprus. All of this will be in August because on September 7th I will meet my parents in Tel Aviv to take them around Israel and Jordan for three weeks.

Finally I will be back in the US for October as I renew my passport. Would you believe I have been able to fill up a big passport (52 pages vs the normal 26) with two years left before it expires? 🙂 I truly am blessed!!!!!

Of course I will write about all of these travels and eventually make travel videos for them also, but first I am going to write about Statia, St Kitts & Nevis, my offshore passage south, the Grenadines, and Grenada. I hope you enjoy reading about each place because I have had a blast exploring them to bring them to you.


  • Shane says:


    Thank you very much and thank you for reading. I am looking forward to showing them Israel and Jordan and spending 3 weeks with them. I have already had friends that have lost their parents and I want to make sure I spend as much quality time with them as I can while I can.


  • Sandy says:

    Thank you for sharing your adventures . I agree you’re very blessed. You’re kindness shines very bright. I love that you and your parents go on trips together. God Bless You. Sandy Spear

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