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Anse du Colombier is my favorite spot on St Barts

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Anse du Colombier 1

I absolutely love Anse du Colombier, pronounced Colombia apparently, at the north end of St Barts. This well protected bay has the best beach on St Barts, but the only way to reach it by land is to park at the top of the hill and hike a mile down to the beach.

With that said though, it is well worth the hike down if you can not arrive by boat. The beach is shaped like a crescent moon and the sand is just about perfect in softness. It is backed up with a few sand dunes and then the hillside. If you want to can hike up to the village, out to the point, of around the hill to another beach and village.

I brought my friends and two different charters to Anse du Colombier and everyone one of them loved it. In fact we spent most of a day each here and not one person got bored of walking the beach, playing in the sand, snorkeling to wall, or exploring.

On top of that everyone loves hearing how the Rockefeller family owns the house on the western side of the bay. It is clear the house has not been used for years and is damaged with broken windows and such, but access is still blocked. I have tried walking to it from several routes and all have fences up stopping you unless you want to be blatant in climbing the fence, which I did not. Hum, that is not really like me, haha.

Anse du Colombier 2

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