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Screwed…or technically no screw

By January 30, 2014 No Comments

IMG_4709Last week I had 5 days between charters and one of the projects I had to do was my scheduled oil change and once a year I like to replace my raw water impeller when I do the oil change.  During the job I had a few issues.  First my oil extractor quit working (lucky for me a buddy had one and man was it nice…I will be getting one of his) and second I could not get the impeller out and had to buy a $140 tool, but those were easy to overcome.  I was on the home stretch by putting the cover on the second pump when a screw head broke off with the screw in the pump.  I was prepared with extra screws, but I could not get the screw out.  I tried using an extractor (I have never had these work for me, have you?) and drilling it out.  Nothing worked it was late Saturday afternoon and I picked up my charter the next day.  I did not know what to do when another buddy told me to call Parts and Power in Tortola.  I did not expect them to be open, have the part in stock, or be able to get it to me quickly.  Man was I wrong!!!!  They had it and put it on the first ferry the next morning so I could get it installed and get my guest and it only cost an extra $30 plus $25 for the ferry.  AWESOME!!!


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