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Eva’s favorite day

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My name is Eva, and I am nine years old. I think that one of the best days of my family’s eight day vacation to the Virgin Islands was the sixth.

It rained quite a bit that day. It cleared up by the time the boat reached the island Jost Van Dyke. Captain Shane had recommended the bubbly pool. The hike to the bubbly pool was hard for my family. We almost went the wrong way. Thank goodness there were other hikers that helped us figure out the right path to follow. Once we reached the bubbly pool, we realized that the hike was definitely worth it. The bubbly pool had amazing waves, and the water was warm and clear. Sometimes the waves were so big that they would wash you back to shore! After a while, my family had to leave. During the hike back it rained a lot. Soon, we met up with Shane. At this point, it was raining incredibly hard. We decided to risk the waves, and get back to the boat. The ride was crazy! The waves were hitting us hard. Thankfully we made it back safely, though thoroughly soaked through.

We began with motors as we left the island, but soon started sailing. In no time, we reached St. John. The rain storm wasn’t stopping, so Shane played some games with us. The first one was a game called Andy’s poker (my dad made up this game). I won with 12 points. After that we played citadel, and Shane won.

Then my sister Maya and I cooked/baked with Shane. First we made the pizza crust, because it has to rise, and that takes a while. Next, we baked “ultimate” cupcakes. When the cupcakes were in the oven, we put the sauce, cheese, spices, and pepperoni on the pizza. Last, Shane made frosting for the cupcakes, which was chocolate cream cheese. Soon, the pizza was out of the oven, and my family had dinner. No speck of pizza went uneaten.

After dinner, Maya and I frosted the cupcakes, with my dad telling us to put on more frosting the whole time. Then we ate the cupcakes, which were the BEST EVER!!! My mom, Maya, and I then watched the tarpon in the water. After a while, my family (and Shane) watched the stars, and then went to bed. The night had an amazing breeze, and I slept well. In bed that night, I thought how when you are on a sailboat in the Virgin Islands, nothing could be better.

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