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Sailing north to St Lucia from Trinidad

By April 8, 2020 2 Comments

I hoped you have enjoyed reading about Trinidad and Carnival as much as I had seeing it all. When Carnival was over I needed to sail north about 200 miles to reach the island of St Lucia where I had a charter starting on March 6th. This was cutting it close since I only had a week to have the passage, but lucky for me the weather was perfect and did not make me wait. The other lucky thing is that a German lady sailed down with her friends and needed a ride back north, so I did not have to sail it all on my own.

After leaving the Dragon’s Mouth at sunset we sailed east of Grenada and made really great time. In fact we blew right past Bequia less than 18 hours later and kept going. I figure instead of stopping to get as much distance as we could and anchor off St Vincent at sunset. The reason we did not go all the way to St Lucia then is we would have arrived after dark and that is never a good idea.

We ended up pulling into Wallilabou Bay about halfway up the St Vincent coast, because my cruising guide said they had mooring balls and I figured that would be a lot quicker to hook up and drop off than trying to anchor. Turns out all the moorings in Wallilabou bay are gone or taken, so we took on around the corner in Keartons Bay. The funny thing here is that they have two moorings that each boat uses. One is for the bow and one for the stern. I ended up having three local boats trying to help me, asking for lines, and running around like a s*** show. All in all they used five different lines and we had to undo them all at 6am when we left. Haha. With that said the sunset and Bottle & Glass rocks (cover photo) made it worth while.

The remaining sail to Rodney Bay the next morning was uneventful and we arrived by noon. Along the way I started reading Max Brook’s World War Z, which is nothing like the movie. You have to remember when we did this sail at the end of February the Covid-19 virus was just starting out and I was amazed how much of what was going on in the world was similar to my zombie apocalypse book I was reading. 🙂


  • Shane says:


    I have to admit it took me a minute to get the play on words with the head. Haha


  • Barbara says:

    So happy you made it to ST Lucia in time for the New England Snorkel team arrival. We had a great time fending off the Zombies. shoot em in the head. Now that the new head seats are in place Can we still shoot on the head or do we have go topside?

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