My brief experience living aboard by Yadira

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Despite the fact I´m a city girl who loves the city’s comforts, I always want to try something new. Until now, my longest “aboard staying” was spending a full day on a yacht. So, when I was told the upcoming Carnival holidays would include living aboard a boat in the Caribbean for a few days, I could just think: Awesome!!!

Now, after 1 week I can undoubtedly say: living aboard is a living style on its own. One of the first things Shane told me was: “Do not think I am patronizing you but living aboard is not the same you are used to, and you have to learn it”. And he was so right. I needed to learn the right way to do things, even going to the toilet! He has been so patient with me. Can´t say “Thank you” enough.

When deciding to spend some days aboard you definitely have to think space will be limited. Do not overpack, you won´t need much after all. Do your best and bring only your essentials (for me my shampoo, my conditioner and lotions where a must, so I repacked them). Keep in mind you will spend most of the time (if not all) barefoot.

Another thing I learned is that there is a reason why things are located where they are on a boat. You don´t know if things have more than one function or if there´s something beneath or behind them. Never be embarrassed to ask where things are. It might seem odd for you, but things aboard have their own logic aboard a boat.

Living aboard will make you become environmental friendly, if not more. Not just because you want to, but because you must be so. It’s unbelievable how much we “overuse” in our daily life and you can get the same results with way less. For example, I consider myself water conscious but aboard this reaches another level. Long showers are out of question, of course.

There might be some challenges and things you must get used to, but nothing can compare to watching the sky full of bright stars in the middle of a pitch black night or falling asleep rocked by soft waves. Also every day brings an amazing sunset for you to enjoy. The peace and calm you can find here is priceless.

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