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Given how great Trinidad was I should have suspected the issue leaving

By April 6, 2020 No Comments

I had a great time in Trinidad & Tobago the month of February when I was there. I saw some great sites and had a blast at Carnival. But I guess all that fun comes at a price and we paid it when it was time to leave.

My friend missed her flight because traffic was so bad. We gave her lots of extra time also. Two hours at the airport and an hour and a half for the half hour cab ride she had coming in. Turns out she “missed it by this much” (quoting Maxwell Smart of the Get Smart TV show). Her taxi was thirty minutes late and the traffic was a stand still, but she still made in just in time. The problem came when the electronic boarding pass she had did not work and the fact there were no Copa Airline personal manning the ticket counter and she had no way to get a paper ticket. What a fail for Copa Airline.

I on the other hand had issues of my own. When I went to check out with customs and immigration at 3:30pm. The customs guy said I had to come back at midnight since I wanted to leave at 3am because I have to leave right after checking out. What?!? Fine I will leave at 5pm instead. As he was dealing with paperwork, I simply asked if they were even open at midnight since most customs close at 4 or 5 in the evening. He said they were open 24 hours a day and then asked if I was leaving tonight. I said yes. And he said I have to come back at midnight and walked away. What?!? But I want to check out now so I can leave at 5pm. He FINALLY came back to the window and asked again if I was leaving tonight and I said yes I am leaving at 5pm tonight. The issue was he did not consider that night. Hahahaha

I got my clearance, visited the grocery store and fuel dock, and was on my way north by 6pm in what turned out to be a great passage.

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