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Monos Island is another anchorage in Trinidad

By April 3, 2020 No Comments

Yesterday I told you how Chacahacare is the best anchorage in Trinidad. Well today I am going to tell you about the second best and that would be the southeast bay on Monos Island. It is funny that it is called Monos Island, which means Monkey Island, since there are no monkeys on the island that I could tell. What there are is a lots of birds that fill the morning air with songs.

The bay is both deep as in water depth and deep as in the bay goes back a long ways. At the very end of the bay you will find water between 7-30 feet deep and since you are so far back the bay is nice and calm in most weather.

When we sailed in there were several day boats pounding away with the soca music, but by sun down they headed back to port and we shared the bay with one other boat a quarter mile away. It was so peaceful and the stars were shining brightly for us that night.

While there is not much to do ashore, I could have spent a couple days here just relaxing.

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