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Chacahacare is one of the few anchorages in Trinidad

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Trinidad is a great island to visit, because there is so much stuff to see and do, but it is not a good place to go cruising. This is because there are only a handful of anchorages to visit. With that said, Chacahacare is the best of the bunch. This island is the farthest one to the west and was a leper colony up until 1984.

The doctor’s house

There is no good beach on Chacahacare, but exploring the island could take all day. That is because most of the buildings from the leper colony are still standing. There are four main spots to see these structures. The best spot is the nunnery on the south side of the bay. These three building are where the nuns that took care of the leper colony lived and worshiped. The next best building is the Doctor’s house, which is also the first you will see as you sail into the bay. The final two are the settlements itself that was split into tow different bays with a walkway built around the point connecting them.

Venezuela is in the background

The other great thing to do on Chacahacare is to walk the road up to the lighthouse. It is about a 45 minute walk up there and if you climb to the top of the lighthouse itself you will have an amazing view of the large bay, Trinidad to the east, the radar tower next to it and filled with vultures, and Venezuela to the west. Yep you read that correct. Venezuela is only about 5-8 miles away from Chacahacare and from the lighthouse it seems like it is even closer. Very cool.

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