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The Parade of Bands is the main event at Carnival

By April 1, 2020 2 Comments

As those of you that have been reading the last several days (and weeks) know, I spent Carnival (same time as Mardi Gras) in Trinidad this year. I had so much fun seeing more of the island and also participating in the various Carnival events, but the biggest event is the Parade of Bands held the Tuesday before lent.

In this all day event each band rolls down the route playing VERY loud soca music from these semi trucks that have the trailer modified to accommodate a dozen speakers, a DJ, and generator. Following the music truck you have all the dancers decked out in matching, themed, feather laden costumes.

Each band follows the previous one, but usually with 10-30 minutes between the bands. This is another event that I recommend ear plugs, because there was one time the base was so loud I thought my hat was going to bounce off my head.


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