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Petroglyphs of St John

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In the middle of the south side of St John you will find Reef Bay, where two mooring balls have been placed for boaters.  The balls are considered day use only, but just two miles away are the wonderful overnight anchorages of the Lameshur Bays.

Once here you will want to play on the beach and explore the Reef Bay Sugar Factory, which I will tell you about sometime in the future.  On this trip I want to take you on a one and a half mile hike up the ravine to the petroglyphs.

This is a rare natural fresh water spring that cascades down a 40 foot cliff.  At the bottom are three pools, which stay at a near constant level causing all kinds of lush plant life to grow creating a tropical forest environment with amazing wildlife.  The atmosphere is so tranquil and serene it is hard not to want to lie down and contemplate life itself.  Ok, you got me; I meant take a nap (2nd photo).

If you open yourself up I am sure you will feel a sense of magic and spirituality the local Indians felt 500-1000 years ago when they visited the site.  Which I am sure is why they were compelled to carved works of art into the rock face.  Today we call these petroglyphs and I found three groups of carvings.  One of which is right at water level so it will be reflected (4th photo).

Just as some people do when they visit the site in today’s hectic world.

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