In this case B&B stands for bureaucracy and boatyards.

Bureaucracy is the art of making the possible impossible ~Javier Pascal Salcedo

Let’s start with our favorite byproduct of government, bureaucracy.  As a commercial boat I have to now fill out an electronic 24 hour notice with Customs when I am going to reenter the USVI.  That sounds great, except I then have show up in person to turn in a hardcopy of the same information I submitted electronically.  Of course when you ask if they reviewed the electronic version no one knows what you are talking about!

The bureaucracy expands to meet the needs of the expanding bureaucracy. ~Oscar Wilde

To make matters worse in order to fill out the electronic notice I have to have a call sign for my VHF radio from the FCC.  Of course not having your radio registered does not mean you can’t use it (as evidenced by my three years without it) and they do not track where the calls signs are or police your radio traffic.  So what is the point…..$160!

The only thing that saves us from the bureaucracy is its inefficiency. ~Eugene McCarthy

Now the second “B” – boatyards.  I had to spend a day and a half at the dock of one to fix a small area of fiberglass damaged by a dive boat picking up the Moore family in March.  Mike Sheen got me out before noon on Saturday and did a great job.  But being in the yard had the disadvantage of being on anchor, no shore power, PLUS the disadvantage of being on a dock, no breeze on the bow.  This combo made for a warm and still night with some mosquitoes.  Fun fun!  On top of this the residents at Independent Boatyard had all kinds of drama going on.  It was like a life version of the Real World.  There was a couple arguing in the parking lot, people comatosed at the bar, and I got yelled at because a truck was not parked the way this lady wanted.  Never mind the fact she had plenty of room to drive by or the fact I told her I did not know who owned the truck!  Thank goodness I am back in the harbor and my appreciation of normal people has been readjusted.

PS – On Wednesday the final episode of Season 1- USA will air with Intracoastal Waterway (ICW).  This episode will show the sights and history of this engineering feat plus highlight some locations I have not talked about previously.  I hope you enjoy it and are excited for Season 2 – The Bahamas in 2.5 weeks.

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