It is usually a good thing

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when a beautiful woman knocks on my hull, but this story is the exception.  You see on Thursday morning at 1am the wind picked up and it started raining hard.  I was almost asleep when I felt the boat bump something.  I rushed up and saw the boat that use to be next to me now in front of me.  I mean RIGHT in front of me.  In fact one hull was between my bows.  YIKES!!!!!  I put on my foul weather jacket with the hood up and ran to the bow right when Gressa was coming out to the back patio of her boat.  She was panicking and did not know what to do since her boyfriend/captain was back in the States for a week.  I could not hear her with the hood on so I pulled it down and my hair was instantly wet from the rain.  I told her she probably dragged anchor and she needed to get the engines started and pull up her anchor.  She ran around and did something and came back out saying the boat would not move.  At that time I noticed my rope bridle was going under the stern of her hull and yelled to go to neutral, because I was a afraid the bridle had wrapped around her prop.  I tried to free my bridle but could not tell what was going on below the water.  I slid back onto my boat and went to get rid of my jacket, grab an underwater light, and get my snorkel so I could see what was going on with her prop.  Gressa gave me a perplexed look when I came back to the bow with a snorkel on and no jacket and I am sure she was absolutely baffled when I slid on to her stern and plunged into the water.  Turns out the prop was further forward and the bridle was safe, so I climbed back on to her boat and she basically begged me to take control of her boat and tell her what to do.  I told her we need to get the engines running and pull in some of the anchor chain.  She went here and there flipping switches but could not understand why the engine gauges did not register even though we could hear one running and she keep pushing a button saying it wouldn’t start.  As calmly as I could I told her she was pushing the stop button and the ignition key had not been moved to the on position.  With that, one engine registered and I started the other one.  She then explained the throttle had to be turned on, which she did.  I then asked where the anchor controls were and we started to bring it in, but her bridle was snagged so I asked for a piece of line and tied it off ahead of the bridle and pulled tight to a cleat.  I then told her to let some chain out and then I had to tell her to push the button the OTHER way.  With the bridle under no stress I was able to get it off, untie the line, and she started bringing it in.  She got to where the anchor chain is marked and told me we were at the red mark.  Of course I said great, but how much chain does the red mark mean she had out?  She did not know just that they almost always go to the red mark.  By this time the wind and rain had stopped and I strongly suggested she move the boat to the dock and reanchor in the morning.  She told me whatever I thought was best and pulled out dock lines and fenders.  We got the boat ready and I asked if she wanted to drive the boat, but she graciously offered to let me, surprise surprise.  The boat has an interior helm with an exterior steering station outside, which means I could not see well enough inside and there were no instruments outside.  So here I was driving a 55 foot cat I had never been on before, with a steering station at the mast (I am used to being much further back), without instruments, going to a dock I have never approached, and in the dark.  With these caveats I have to tell you I did a very good job of slipping that boat along the dock and we got it tied up.  Now I don’t have to worry about it dragging anchor again tonight.

This entire time Gressa was wearing a foul weather jacket and keep holding it closed.  Of course I was so focused on protecting our boats I did not noticed and just thought she was cold.  It was not until we finished securing the boat to the dock that I noticed under the jacket she was only wearing a tank top and panties and right then she rushed to put shorts on.  Like I said, it is usually a good thing when a beautiful woman knocks on your boat, but only if you get to enjoy their company…..and their choice of attire.


  • Dee McCLellan says:

    It would be interesting if you could get Gressa’s perspective on this for a future blog. She might really give you hero status after your late night unexpected encounter.

  • Janice Tilma says:

    Hi Shane, we will look forward to seeing you in the Fall. It will be great to see you. As far as coming to see you, that is something that we are contemplating and planning in the next 2 or 3 years. Of course parts of it depend on Mark’s schedule.

    See you in the Fall

  • Shane says:

    Well I will be Dallas during Sept and Oct plus you guys can always come for a visit. See you soon.

  • Janice Tilma says:

    Shane you live such a calm uneventful life. :0} I have missed seeing you.

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