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News about my favorite uncle

By September 30, 2012 One Comment

Hi, I am Emma, Shane McClellan’s (also known as Uncle Shane) favorite niece. He’s uncle to 5 kids and I am the youngest.  You might have already known, but he came up to come visit us in Snohomish Washington!

I was so excited that I had a chart that counted down the days until he was on the plane coming to my house.  My dad thought that it was a very 10 year old thing to do.  I am almost 11.

When he finally got home he and the rest of the family was giggling and grinning at all of his amazing stories and jokes.

Since he is spending 10 days with us he was stuck sleeping on the couch.  I think its supper funny finding all different ways to wake him up in the morning.  It just gives me something to do.  I don’t know why but he doesn’t find it as amusing as I do.

I have been told that his boat is amazing.  I have been telling him this entire time that he has to let me come on the boat.  I am most excited about swimming with the turtles, and the lizards.

Being with Uncle Shane has been a blast, well so far.  I know that everybody that’s been on the boat has had an amazing time.

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