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BFF sounds corny, but…

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This week was going to be slow and relaxed as I completed paperwork and purchased stuff for the boat.  Then my dad decided on his 66 birthday he would give himself a small heart attack.  Bummer, plus it is not an enjoyable gift for anyone!  He goes in for triple or quadruple bypass on Tuesday and your prayers are welcomed and appreciated.

It was planned that I would pick up my best friend, Joel, from the airport on Thursday (he went to Belgium for a week for his volunteer job) and we would drive his truck about three hours back to College Station.

Joel and I have known each other since before we were 2 years old and he has been my best friend since I can remember, which is not a figure of speech!  In fact he planned on buying the Guiding Light with me until he realized he loved vacations on boats and working on boats, but not living on boats.  Also, as he says it is too darn hot (anything over 75 degrees and he is not loving it).

As soon as Joel heard about my dad he offered any help he could give and he understood if I was going to stay in Dallas, but both my parents told me to go on down and they would let me know if they need me (love you both).  So I met Joel’s dad to pick up his 14 year old Dodge Ram truck with the busted dash and no heater core.  You should have seen my face when I realized his dad drove up in a new BMW with lots of bells and whistles, including Blue Tooth.  I was not expecting that, because the jerk never told me he got a new car as he wanted to surprise me.  It worked!

At the airport our timing was perfect since Joel walked out the door 2 minutes before I got there.  While he waited for me he called his boss.  As soon as I pulled up his new car snatched the call from his cell phone and all of a sudden his boss is saying “Hello?  Hello?” inside the car while Joel is looking at his phone like a lost little puppy.  At the same time I am looking around the interior of the car saying hello, hello back, as I wonder if KITT from Knight Rider was placed in a BMW for a new series.

This week I am going to try out a few new recipes and will hopefully have some tasty new dishes for you lucky ones who will charter with me this season.  But first I had to help the quintessential bachelor buy new pots, pans, utensils, and food (it is hard to cook with only beer, pickles, and OJ in one small mixing bowl and a frying pan), plus organize his kitchen for him.

His house is a nice three bed, two bath layout with tile floors.  He is in the middle of remodeling it, so there are supplies lying around and everything is in boxes.  But, I think he should have some furniture besides the dorm couch, old table, his bed, and the air mattress I am sleeping on!  🙂

As my friend Troy, aboard the ketch Storyville (, said this week on Facebook “A friend of mine died this morning, he was only 51, had a major stroke. We played music just two weeks ago and had a great time. Hug your friends and family, let them know you love them and don’t take this time for granted.”  I want to make sure Joel knows how much I appreciate everything he does for me (even when he is annoying the snot out of me) and I know its corny to say best friends forever, but when it is true what else are you going to call it?

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