Sand between my toes

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If any of you read my Facebook post from earlier this week (you can friend me with the button to the right) you will know I was down in Austin, TX at a hotel that provided breakfast and an evening cocktail hour.  Well I went down to the cocktail hour and was promptly told I need to return once I had footwear on as barefeet was not acceptable.  Bummer!!!!!!!!!!!

Being on the boat so long I have gotten use to not wearing shoes everywhere.  In fact for the most part the only time I wear them is when I am walking around town.  I can usually go an entire charter without them since we don’t wear shoes on the boat, we let the sand filter through our toes on the beaches, and it would be silly to have them on in the water.  Shoot even the locals go without shoes a lot of the time.  Come to think of it I bet I wear my bootie and fins to snorkel more than I wear my shoes.

The lack of shoes perplexed one of my guests as she brought a suitcase full of different outfits and shoes.  She planned on having us all eat out half the time and she envisioned dressing up with her heels on and living it up on the islands.  To her sadness I had to inform her most of the most popular bars and restaurants are right on the beach, or floating in the case of the Willy T, and it might be tough to walk on the beaches in heels and I go to most of them barefoot.  To her credit she got over her shoe withdraw and her feet lived it up with the freedom bestowed upon them.

So if you want to let your little piggies be free and have the sand between your toes you need to come down to “de’ islands mon”.

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