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My mom is making me blush

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[Mom – October 3, 2019 – A very special thank you to our wonderful tour guide ( AKA son, Shane) for the last 4 weeks. If anyone is interested in a well-planned trip anywhere in the world (USA included) or trip on a charter boat, Shane would love to talk to you. Contact our very favorite tour guide at]

Awe thanks. It was a pleasure spending four weeks with my parents as I showed them around Israel, Jordan, Palestine, and New York City. I tried to add every highlight, World Heritage Site, religious site, and World Wonders that I could and I know they would agree we could not have squeezed in one more thing.

Since I started my charter business nine years ago, I have realized how much I love being a tour guide. It does not matter if it is snorkel sites around the islands, taking them around in September, or even when I was at the Colosseum in Rome and the couple next to me did not know the history of the place and asked if I did :).

If you would like to come for a week long charter on the Guiding Light or would be interested in me setting up a land tour somewhere please do not hesitate in contacting me. I would love to talk to you about any travel plans.

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