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Showing the parents Midtown in Manhattan

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[Mom – October 2, 2019 – Bill, Shane and I made a visit to the NY Public Library and the Grand Central Terminal. Bill had a bit of an encounter with a bicycle and needed to go rest after seeing those first two sites. After he left us, Shane and I made a visit to the Rockefeller Center where we took an art and architecture tour of the 19 buildings that comprise the Rockefeller Center. We also went up to the top where we had a beautiful view of NYC. It was a great ending for our last day in New York.]

I love this part of Manhattan and just can not help but to visit the Public Library every time I am in town. It is absolutely gorgeous and has been featured in Ghostbusters, Day After Tomorrow, and many other movies.

Unlike Penn Station, which our hotel was next to, Central Terminal (otherwise known as Grand Central Station) is still intact and you can see all the architectural details from this 1905 building.

I told my mother everyone wants to go up the Empire State Building, but I prefer the Top of the Rock instead. Plus they have an art tour that explains all the art deco that is built right into the different building when they were built in the 1930’s. I think it is a fascinating tour.

Btw, the cover photo is the Alice in Wonderland statue on the east side of Central Park.

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