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My husband’s dream

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Loving the boat life

Loving the boat life Reading away Snorkel time Look what Capt Shane found

My husband and I have been on the Guiding Light for 14 days. Captain Shane informs us that we are his longest booking as most reserve for 1 week.  My husband hopes I will embrace the option of living on a boat when we retire. We have chartered six times in the past and some of these experiences were not so pleasant. My daughter shared the first five days of our journey.

We have been captured by the peaceful beauty, adventure and relaxation.  Some of my time has been spent enjoying Shane’s entertaining collection of books, snorkeling and visiting enchanting anchorages.  My favorites include Cooper Island, Virgin Gorda and everywhere on St. John. Shane has photographed our adventures above and below the water as he is a talented photographer.

The sighting of a sixty foot Humpback whale that followed the boat on our way to Anagada took my breath away. My senses are exposed to the smell of freshly bakes bread, waves slapping the boat, star gazing and the sound of the surf.  My deep sleep is enhanced by the gentle rocking of the boat and I wonder if I will ever sleep this well again.

The surprise drink of the day prior to dinner as well as an entrée that may include ravioli with balsamic glazed pears is “to die for”.  All food simply tastes better on a boat.

We will cherish these memories as well as stories to share about snorkeling in the caves, with a shark, in the dark, tropical colorful fish, warm salty water and constant refreshing breezes.

Yes, we will definitely spend all of our vacations floating on a boat as we continue to discuss my husband’s …and my …dream.


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