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The simple joy of

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…sailing with the wind in your hair.
…the warm Caribbean sun warming your face.
…taking pity on those up north going through their umpteenth winter storm.
…floating in water so clear you can see forever.
…an amazing encounter with a sea creature.
…so many stars you feel like you are looking through the Hubble telescope.
…the lunacy of third world bureaucracy (of course first world is not much better).
…being free of the shackles of American materialism.
…making a distant land fall.
…traveling, seeing new sights, experiencing new things, and meeting new people.
…making your own adventure in life.
…snorkeling reefs so colorful you need the 256 pack of Crayons to describe each color.
…having a remote anchorage to yourself.

…having someone special to share all the above with.

I hope each of you has a joyful Valentine’s Day whether you are with someone or not!


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