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Mustique Island is the one Grenadine island I had not visited before

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Mustique - Britianna Bay
Mustique - Space Debris

A piece of a rocket that washed up on the island a few years ago from the EU space agency launch site in Guyana.

Last year I skipped the island of Mustique when I cruised the Grenadines with my friend Steve and this year I wanted to correct this oversight. Therefor I went there with the couple that sailed from Nevis with me and we spent three days at Mustique.

Mustique is a private island owned by 101 estate owners that formed a company to run the island. One thing that is cool is they allow yachts to visit the island with a few conditions. First off you can only pick up a mooring in Britannia Bay and the mooring cost $80 with the right to stay up to three days (the north side is calmer and the south side has more reefs to snorkel). The other rule is that guest are suppose to stay within the west shore unless they have an escort in the form of an island tour.

Mustique - Basil's

The stage for Basil’s when they do bands and open mic night

Those rules seem restrictive, but we found plenty to do and at the same time found the island very quiet and laid back, which we all LOVED. As a guest you have the choice of three different restaurants/bars to hang out in. The first is Basil’s right next to the pier and it really is the hub for any activity on the island. The staff was attentive and a joy to chat with. The second restaurant is Firefly, which sits up the hill overlooking the bay. This restaurant also has guest rooms and is a wonderful little boutique resort. The third one is the Cotton House, which is a full fledged resort and requires a taxi to get to.

Mustique - Stores

A couple of the stores that you can poke into

Outside of the three restaurants, the few shops down the street, and checking out the local village you can take an hour long island tour and walk the southwest shore of the island. But I am going to hold off and tell you about them in separate blogs. In the mean time I am going to go snorkeling by simply jumping off the boat and boom I am at the reef. 🙂

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