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What is the deal with Baliceaux & Battowia

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Baliceaux & Battowia 1

As I studied the chart for the Grenadines, to prepare for the short passage from Bequia to Mustique, I noticed a group of islands around halfway between the start and finish. The group of islands are made up of Baliceaux, Battowia, and smaller rocks, but I could not find anything written in my cruising guides. This of course made me more curious and want to explore to find out why.

Since the weather was not too bad and the charts showed deeper water just to the west of Baliceaux & Battowia I chose to sail to them before we headed to Mustique. As far as I could tell there are no beaches and the anchorage noted on the chart should only be tempted when the wind is extremely settled. You see the anchorage is in the middle of the group of islands in a shallow sandy spot. The snorkeling should be amazing given all the rocks and reefs around it. Plus I doubt anyone else goes there.

Baliceaux & Battowia 2

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