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Mesquitoes in the Everglades

By May 9, 2010 No Comments

 My friend decided to join us on Monday in Naples for the rest of the week.  We had an amazing beach with more seashells than you could imagine.  We also had an engine act up due to a loose belt so we took a day to take care of that and a few other jobs.  We left Marco Island and spent the night in Everglade City.  I did not see a gator, but we did get to see all the mosquitoes!!!  Chase saw them get bigger and bigger.  So by morning he said he just about pooped his pants when he saw a dragonfly.  Before we left Chase and I went into town and saw the Rod and Gun Club.  The town was nice and the club was filled with history (several Presidents have stayed at the hotel).  We choose to jump off shore for the night and get to Key West.  Once here we relaxed and visited this very touristy town (including the sunset festival, which is where street performers and vendors gather to entertain/ask for money from the crowd.

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