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Marigot Bay is a great spot if the swell is up or a storm is brewing

By April 13, 2020 No Comments

Almost halfway between Rodney Bay and Soufriere is the perfectly sheltered Marigot Bay. Even when you are not looking for protection for the swells or wind it is worth visiting for the peacefulness and marina.

When you arrive you will motor down a long, deep channel with boats on either side. Some of these boats are moored and some anchored. If you want to anchor, just make sure you are on the shallow shelf, because when it gets deep it plummets to 50-60 feet and there is not enough room to swing on the scope needed. Once you are down this channel you will round a sand bar and be in the lagoon.

The marina is wonderful and has a pool, shops, restaurants, ice cream, and lots of other amenities. My favorite part of Marigot Bay is the sand bar that is covered in palm trees. The beach is welcoming and there are various vendors to take care of any needs you might have. I found a rope swing on one of the trees that was a blast and during the summer the sun sets between the palm trees when you are in the lagoon. Perfect end to the day!!!!!

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