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Anse La Raye waterfall is a simple one to get to

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Last month I had a charter with a wonderful group that has been aboard three other times. They love to snorkel and sail and we were seeing some great reefs in St Lucia to make everyone happy. With that said we had one day that the north swell was rolling down the island and stirred everything up. It was bad enough we skipped Anse Cochon, where there is a sunken ship in 30 feet of water, and Anse La Raye, where we were going to anchor for the night so we could snorkel the cliffs to the north, spend a bit of time in town, and hike to the Anse La Raye waterfall.

Instead we sailed on to Marigot Bay and took a mooring inside the lagoon, but I will tell you more about Marigot Bay tomorrow. After lunch we went ashore and found a cab that took us back down to Anse La Raye, picked up a guide, and took us to the waterfall for $20 each.

If you walk from town the waterfall is about two miles inland and getting a ride is a good idea. Once at the entrance the waterfall is around a quarter of a mile walk along the creek. The guide was very good to help everyone across the rocks and creek and into the pools of the waterfall. The thing I did not like is that he would not let me climb to the top of the falls (which I have been to before) and even when I climbed up to the base of the main waterfall he came with me and watched me like a hawk. Guess he knows me too well. Haha

Everyone loved the Anse La Raye waterfall. They thought it was a beautiful, tropical waterfall and easy enough to get to. The best part was playing in the two pools at the base of the falls.

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