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My favorite anchorage in St Lucia is now between the Pitons

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The Pitons are two prominent peaks about two thirds of the way down the west coast of St Lucia. They are less than 3000 feet tall, but the fact that they start at the water’s edge and go straight up from there make them feel much bigger.

Both Pitons are only half a mile apart from each other, but this is just enough space to form a beautiful little anchorage. On the north end you will find a beach with the Sugar Beach Resort. The water drops off quickly and picking up a mooring is advised.

Both Pitons have good snorkeling, so we chose to snorkel around Petit Piton to the north. This was another very steep snorkel where you would go from 10 feet to hundreds of feet in the length of a swimming pool. The snorkeling is pretty impressive and my favorite area was around the 25-40 foot depth area. The one thing I must warn you about is the current. It flows quite strongly to the north along the shore.

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