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Maracas Waterfall is the tallest in Trinidad

By March 18, 2020 No Comments

Up in the North Range, which is the hills that run full length of the northern part of Trinidad, you will find Maracas Waterfall. It is about a ten minute drive north of St Augustine and is an impressive 300 feet high.

Once we parked the car we had to hike about a mile along a very easy to follow trail up into the forest. We passed a small waterfall on the way and could hear Maracas Waterfall as we approached. But that did not take away from the great view as it appears through a hole in the tree branches. Once we crested a slight ridge we looked down into a bowl with the cliff on the opposite side. It is down this cliff that Maracas Waterfall flows.

We were here during the dry season and the waterfall was still impressive. I can only imagine the amount of water during the wet season. Personally I like going when we did, because it meant we could get right under the waterfall and it was more like a shower than a pounding. It was so cool looking up and seeing the water coming down in drops and mist.

What a wonderful way to end a great day….but wait! It is not over yet. Nope. We have one more cool thing to check out.

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