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How can you not get fresh watermelon right next to the farm?

By March 16, 2020 No Comments

Yesterday Holly, James, and I visited Nariva Swamp where Bobby took us on a boat tour to Bush Bush Island to see red howler monkeys and white-fronted capuchin monkeys. It was a great tour, but I knew that right outside the swamp there were lots of watermelon farms and looked forward to fresh watermelon.

As you drive down the road between the swamp and the east coast you will find more than a dozen watermelon stands to choice from within a couple miles of each other. We ended up getting a good size watermelon for about $5 US and as hard as we tried all we could finish is about half of it. It was so good and juice though I had to wash my hands and face twice. Haha.

After this we drove the road back north and enjoyed the sea on one side and a coconut plantation on the other. It was a great end to the Nariva Swamp tour. Now it was time to head back to wards Port of Spain and check out a waterfall north of town in the mountains, which is where you will find me in tomorrow’s blog.

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