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Making a table cloth for the outside table

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Table Cloth 1

My outside table is white fiberglass and needs to have a tablecloth on it to give the cockpit some color. In the past I have used brown, but I was convinced blue looks better and I needed to get a new one. the problem is that you can not just get a new tablecloth from the store, since the table is a custom size.

Table Cloth 2Plus you have to figure out how to keep the tablecloth from flying away. Over the last nine years I have tried to glue velcro to the table (it did not stick), use key rings along the edges (they rusted), clamp it down (way to redneck), and install snaps in the cloth (best idea yet). That is when it FINALLY dawned on me…..why not sew a small pocket around the entire edge and install bungee cord and have it work like a shower cap?

Before I left the boat for the offseason I marked the temporary tablecloth I had with the shape of the table. I then took this template to Colorado where my good friend Kristina taught me how to use a sewing machine. It was slow going, but I figured it out and with her help made a great looking tablecloth that stays still even when sailing in high winds. Thanks, Kristina!!!!!

What do you think? How did it turn out?

Table Cloth 3

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