Hello to you if you are reading this!  My name is Trevor and I’m Shane McClellan’s 18 year old nephew.  I have had the joy of spending the last week with Shane and have had a lot of very memorable times!  Probable one of the best moments was on Wednesday after I got home from school I was showing Shane my Air Soft big gun because he was playing with my little brother’s small Air Soft gun and I wanted to show him up. [Shane – the small gun was a pistol and shot the bullets about 25 feet while he pulled out the huge M16 looking machine gun which could shoot around 150 feet.  To quote Tim Allen “more power, hohoho”]  A few minutes later he was being nice and went outside to help my sister, and as he got about half way to the barn I opened up on him! He jumped and screamed like a little girl and ran waving his hands in the air. [Shane – I will admit I was complete in shock by the surprise attack and ran into the barn like a man being chased by bees, but I know I was shrieking like a manly man]  He finished up helping my sister while I got into a new hiding spot.  He screamed like a little girl again!  [Shane – can you believe the little snot shot me again?]  After he got inside the house he assessed the wounds and found that I had drawn blood in several spots.  [Shane – The name Air Soft is not entirely accurate since these are not foam pellets, but hard plastic BBs.  In fact I shot a frying pan thinking they would ricochet off, which they did but they dented the metal.  They DENTED THE METAL!!!!  And this is what he shot me with?  Of course my sister-in-law was no help since she could not stop laughing.]  He chased me down and stole my gun and we went into a thirty minute game of him chasing me around the house and shooting me in retaliation. It ended with us both calling a truce as we were both in pain!  [Shane – Justice has been served!  I gave the gun back, but he does not realize I took the battery pack out of the gun and hide it so he could not shoot me in the future 🙂]

Another one of our great experiences would have to be when Shane was helping me replenish the pig food and put the ducks and chickens away for the night.  [Shane – They have a lot of animals including 4 dogs, 2 cats, a bird, a snake, 5 chickens, 3 cows, 3 pigs, and 2 ducks.  Quack, quack, qu…howl, well make that 1 duck now]  First off the 80 pound feed sack was a struggle for him [Shane – That is an 18 year old thinking someone older can’t do the same thing he can 🙂] and when we got to the ducks and chickens he spent at least five minutes chasing the duck in circles trying to put them away. We have a lot of animals, fortunately I have a really good veterinary near me so if any animal gets sick there is someone that can take care of them fast.  I sat there and laughed at him neglecting to tell him the trick to rounding up any animal is food!  [Shane – How does he know I was not doing a reenacting of Rocky Balboa training by chasing a chicken?] I am thinking that I might get insurances for these animals. But first I must read pet insurance reviews, for more information.

Throughout this week we as a family have had a great time and had many splendid conversations and competitions.  We are all sad that he is leaving on Tuesday to go back to his lazy boring sailing life [Shane – I think someone is jealous] and can’t wait until he is up here on his next Washington State embarkation.


  • Shane says:


    It was a pleasure meeting you also!!!!

  • Mindy Sue Tinney says:

    Hi, im Mindy- Trevor’s girlfrind. I have had so much fun hanging out with evrybody the past couple of weeks and it was such a pleasure to meet you, (Shane.) Im usually the embarrassing one around, and it was a very nice change of pace to hear the story of Trevor shooting you, (Shane) with the BB gun. -They both had welts the next day, and when they told me and I was just about as much help as Emily. I just laughed(:- Shane, you are a wonderful uncle to this Mcclellan/Tyler clan, plus you’re very witty and funny thereby keeping everyone in high spirits. I will miss you a ton and im super jelly (jealous) that you get to go back to your reality…of living in paradise… aughhh:P I look forward to keeping up with your blog and hearing about your marvelous adventures and the people you meet along the way!

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