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Life of an egg

By June 24, 2014 2 Comments

Every one has their trials in life. You know things they need to learn from. Well this summer I have been helping out Shane on the Guiding Light. We have been learning to work as a team. One of our biggest challenges has been eggs. Yes eggs. Getting eggs from the store, into the dingy then to the boat. Doesn’t seem that hard does it? But eggs are fragile.

First dozen eggs we lost on the dock. Just fell off the top of the bag. Ok maybe I accidentally backhanded the gently balanced carton across the dock. They were completely annihilated.

Two days later we tried again. This time they made it into the dingy but were crushed by a bag of ice as it slid from the front of the dingy in the exelleration. I think we saved four.

Our next attempt was for banana pancakes [Shane – check back on Thursday to see this awesome recipe] for guest and had to make it back to the boat. This was go time!

It was a mile dingy ride around the point to the nearest market. And it was choppy. This was the longest trip our precious cargo was going to have to survive so far. Just the trip to the market was challenging as I couldn’t keep my seat. I thought I might fly out we were bouncing so much. Although it could have been Shane’s love for going fast in the Temptation (dingy’s name).

We managed to safely get the eggs transferred from the dock to dingy.
I decided to have the eggs on my lap. With my arm through the plastic bag handles in case they went flying at least they would be connected. But somehow I needed to hold on with both hands and hold the eggs. This was precarious. So Shane had we hold the bow rope in my right hand with eggs cradled in my arm. Left hand on handle. This mostly worked. Although after a few 2 ft waves (which felt like ten ft) I thought my elbow might have taken out a few.

As I held on I thought of the structure of eggs. The shape. The perfect oval. Definitely harder to crack from top to bottom. Hope filled me that these little guys were going to make it. Since most of the physical hammering was from top to bottom. And they made it! All twelve.

We have even been successful on our forth attempt. I just cradle those eggs like a baby in a plastic bag while we skip across the sea. Ok that may not paint the most romantic picture of life on a boat. But there it is. Who knew we would have to overcome a simple fragile thing as an egg.


  • Shane says:

    Sweet!!!! Breakfast is at your place this weekend then. 🙂

  • Caroline Geary says:

    And those little fragile eggs made the BEST banana pancakes! Have made them twice since we have been home. Yum!

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