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Message in a bottle

By June 22, 2014 4 Comments

Caroline and Pete at the helm   The famous bottleToasting the message in a bottleThe whole gang

Were you ever the kid who dreamt of finding a treasure map?  Did you ever wonder about the people who put a message in a bottle and set it free in the sea?

Today we experienced the wonder.  As we were sailing to a snorkel site, we saw a bottle bobbing in the water.  We were all intrigued and had to see what was in it.  We kept our eyes on the bottle as the Captain circled back around (using the same protocol we had been taught to follow for a man overboard).  We were eager to see what message the bottle held.  After circling, we easily hoisted the mussel-encrusted treasure aboard.  Like small children on Christmas morning, we gathered around our treasure from the sea. Carefully, we opened the prize …. to find it empty.

This setback did not thwart us.  A bottle must be sent to sea with a message – especially a bottle that looked so perfect for a message.  We knew we had to be speedy.  The mussels were already beginning to move and needed to be released or they would become new residents of the Guiding Light!  Quickly we commandeered authentic “old looking” paper and scribbled a missive for the next curious soul to find the bottle floating in the sea.  Great care was taken to seal the bottle tightly and a strong arm was enlisted into service to launch the message back into the softly churning sea.  I wonder who will be the next to find our treasure at sea …..

Just another adventure at sea on The Guiding Light.  We could not have been luckier than to have had our vacation shared with Captain Shane and his first mate, Leala.  They are truly treasures.  Their warm hospitality made it feel like family.  We will miss them & look forward to reading about other adventures had on The Guiding Light.


  • Shane says:

    She is becoming quite an asset. I am sure her presence will be missed after July when she goes back to real life.

  • Shane says:


    You know you are always welcome back!!!! Drop me a line and let’s see what we can do.

  • Caroline Geary says:

    Yes, Leala! We were her first charter and she is fabulous!!! Our charter was simply the best due to Captain Shane and first mste, Leala! Thank you both again!

  • Victor B says:

    Leala….? Well alrighty then! Any discounts for repeat customers sans kids?

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