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Let there be light during the pandemic!!!!

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As I stated a few days ago, I have been blessed to be in St Lucia during this pandemic. During this time I have worked on several boat projects including my first one, which was to replace the deck lights halfway up my mast.

I had to do this because my old one finally stopped working. It was a Husky brand 100 LED flood light that my best friend bought and brought down back in 2011. The thing worked great after we wired it up and sealed it with silicone, but eventually some water got into it and pooled on the lens. I figured that was not good and went up to drill a small hole in the plastic lens to let the water drain out. Well, color me surprised when I made it through the lens and found out it was safety glass. I made this discover exactly when the glass “popped”. Haha. Oops.


This time I went with two 3″, square, spot lights that produced 1,440 lumens each in a 90 degree arc. I found them at Super Bright LEDs and they look great. I did have to have a bracket made at a metal shop of a boatyard, which only cost about $15 each. A little side note, if you ever need something made in metal and can not find it at the marine store always check with a boat yard’s metal shop. They usually have the raw material you need and the tools to make whatever you need!

Even after the cost of the light, bracket, and shipping the entire project only cost around $120, which is way cheaper than the lights I found in a marine store. I think it looks great. What do you think? With that in mind don’t forget to check out Super Bright LEDs for any lights you need!!!!

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