Leaving BVI

By May 31, 2009 No Comments

Moonrise on offshore cruiseLeaving the BVI for offshore sailing experienceHanging out offshore in the GulfWe left the BVI on Tuesday morning and are now north of Jamaica.  We have averaged over 5.5 knots.  The weather has been great (I have had some great moon sets during my 11PM-3AM watch), but today the winds were so light we had to motor all day or we would have only gotten 2 knots (maybe).  We did stop the boat and swam, which was a great distraction.

 The boat is doing well and so is the crew, but it took me four days to get accustomed to being offshore.  For those days I sleep during most of my off watch hours.  Now I am good to go and driving Steph crazy with my energy.

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