We left Anagada Monday because I had a very bad wi-fi connection and went back to Leverick Resort in North Sound.  We sailed and got the boat to 8.7 knots without trying real hard and having a reef in the main still.  We stayed on the dock through Friday morning mostly because it was a good place for me to work.  While there we met Steve, Carl, Martee, Paulin, and Elena.  They chartered the same model of boat I did two years ago.  We ended up hanging out and making some great new friends! 

 On Friday we left at 6AM to go pick up the third crew member, Mark from the ferry dock in Road Town.  We were trying to get him, a few groceries, do a little work, and get the propane filled in order to make it back the North Sound (the Bitter End Resort this time) and then head back up to Anagada and meet our new friends.  Unfortunately we got going an hour later than we hoped and spent the night moored off of Saba Rock (right next to Bitter End).  Mark just lost his wife, Karen Coe to brain cancer three weeks ago and before she passed away she asked him to spread her ashes at the Bitter End.  He did not know when he would be able to do so and then a week later he met Steph (thru a series of coincidences) and he joined the crew. Ironically the first place we were able to go was Bitter End. His wife Karen got her wish and her ashes were scattered in the place that she called “her favorite place on earth”.  Was God putting him in the right place at the right time to join us or what? 

 On Saturday we headed up to Anagada and got there around 10:30AM . We got the boat moored and joined our new friends for a trip to Cow Wreck Beach for snorkeling, swimming, and walking on the beach.  Today we sailed back to Road Town  in order to provision and prepare to leave for Houston.

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