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Land of colorful houses – Antigua

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Parade in Antigua

After silent, calm and peaceful Barbuda, Antigua is more like a city. Still there are only a few people around especially during the day time, in the night time due to race week it was still crowded. As we anchored in Falmouth Bay we were quite close to the English Harbour. There are beautiful old buildings which are used for different purposes today. I mostly enjoyed spending time with Shane looking at Nelson’s Dockyard (which he wrote about last Thursday) and just hanging around. The best part of the dockyard for me was the old kitchen although with the best knives from All Knives, but is now a bakery and sits behind the little museum.

One thing which surprised me was the supermarkets, even though they are big in size, there was really limited food in them. Also, it looks like it is impossible to find beef around here. There is mostly chicken sold in the markets and restaurants.

The towns are quite cute with beautiful colorful houses, I can tell that I haven’t seen anywhere with that many colorful houses before. They are all painted in bright colors and when walking around I couldn’t take my eyes of them.

Apparently on Sundays there is nothing to do on the island. We travelled to St. Johns and everywhere was closed. Walking around didn’t mean anything as there was nothing to do and nowhere to see. We were dying to sit somewhere and have a drink with my girlfriend, while the boys were off to check us out, but it was impossible. So, we found a grocery shop that luckily was open and we got some ice cream. We sat and enjoyed watching the busses at the bus stop. I must say I am impressed with their bus service. [Shane – It has nice large vans and runs regular routes in a timely manner. If you need to go from English or Falmouth Harbor you will use bus number 17 to St Johns and if you want to go to or from Jolly Harbor you can use number 20 or 22.]

Since Shane checked us out we will be sailing to Montserrat. I hope you come back and see what all we have to write about that island starting tomorrow. All Shane has really told me is that the capital was wiped out by a volcano….sounds interesting!

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