Working on the boat

How do you know if you will have a successful boat project?

By April 11, 2017 2 Comments
Cut while working on the boat

A couple weeks ago, my fresh water pump was cycling every half hour or so with a quick half second growl, GGGRRRRR, so I knew I had a small leak in the system.

Believe it or not I found the leak fairly quick. It was in an old chafe point that I used rescue tape on. This time I cut the hose past that point and reconnected it. Of course, I had to deal with 5 other hoses and multiple wires getting in the way to complete this small project, but I got it done. Now I could sit back and relax.

GGGRRRRR! What was that? Crap I still have a leak. Well it looks like the one I fixed is fine, but one of the other nearby hoses with an old fitting gave way. This is when I hear my best friend saying one of his famous quotes. “Within every small project is a large job trying to get out!”.

As I started moving hoses around and getting this and that off, I cut myself on one of the hose clamps. That is when his voice came back with his other famous quote. “It cannot be a successful until there has been the letting of blood”. Whoa who. This project is almost done because I have blood.

After that the job was completed within 15 minutes and I put everything away. Glad that is over. My fresh water system is back up to 100%. Now it is time to go ashore and have some dinner and completely relax.



  • Shane says:


    Thank you for the warm send off. You did not tell me about dropping the tool into the bilge. That is funny. Good luck with the haul out and talk to you later.


  • Michael says:

    Hey, after speaking with you about that short water pump burst, I too went searching. I found it easy enough behind the shower panel. The fresh water toilet flush line that Bob installed, had 2 loose hose clamps. So simple, that even a ……… can fix it. And I didn’t even cut myself. I did drop a tool into the bilge though, never to be retrieved. Yes, there are black holes! Let’s talk after your off your last charter before your sabbatical.


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