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I found an out of the way anchorage in the BVI near the Full Moon party

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If you have ever been in Trellis Bay on the north side of Beef Island, then you know how great of a bay it is with all the small shops and restaurants. Plus, every month the Full Moon Parties are legendary. The problem is that the bay gets extremely full!!!!

Well I found a solution! Anchor on the south side of Beef Island and simple walk half a mile down a dirt and asphalt road to the party. When you get back to your boat you will have the entire bay to yourself.

Getting into the bay is a little tricky and should be down in good light, but anyone should be able to anchor here.  As you approach you will see two sets of small rocks in the water. Aim between them with the rocks to starboard much closer. Now you are looking for a white rock completely underwater. Put that on your port side and the previous mentioned rocks on your starboard side. Now you are in the bay and should have up to 10 feet of depth (I anchor in 5-7 feet). You can also stay inside the reef and head west with the reef on port and mangroves on the starboard to find even better protection.

Once anchored the snorkeling is ok with lots of pelicans and minnows. When you are ready to go ashore take the dinghy to the rocks pictured and go just to the right of them. This is where I found there not to be an iron shore protecting the beach.

I have anchored her twice now and my guest have loved the solitude both times, so I guess you can find quite anchorages in the BVI after all. Haha.


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