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JT’s recap of his family trip

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This week’s post is written by JT.  He was aboard with his sister, two cousins (all of whom are 17-20 years old) and his uncle and aunt.

We came to the Virgin Islands expecting cold drinks and warm air but discovered so much more. As we stepped off the plane we’re handed welcome shots of rum, we had started our week off correctly with our motto “its five o’clock everywhere”. Although I couldn’t see how it could get better I was left nothing but awestruck when 2 hours off the plane we were swimming around a ship wreck and diving with sea turtles. Everyday finding the most adventure we can with personally guided tours before our daily happy hour drink from the Capitan. This week was a week full of surprises, snorkeling and mutiny that could not be matched by another. With hushed background music to accompany beers and laughs on the boat. Other than staying on the boat we went to some of the most famous bars in the world which all live up to and by far surpass their reputations. From Wily T’s where ALL are affected and influenced by the debauchery and gung-ho atmosphere to the Soggy Dollar know for the pain killer and in my personal opinion a rather mean Bloody Mary.  Life on the boat is easy and neat where everything has its place making it luxurious and comfortable. The dinners are filling and the desserts are sweet. Looking back on our week we now know all the best spots for our next visit to the islands. This experience truly was a “Guiding Light.”

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