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My trip with my Dad and Grandfather

By July 15, 2012 No Comments

My name is Alex Long and I just wanted to comment on how wonderful my time was on the Guiding Light.  My father, grandfather, and I spent ten days chartering from island to island in both the U.S. and British Virgin Islands.  Between hiking to historic sites and snorkeling beautiful reefs, each of our days were filled to the brim.  I’ve been to the Virgin Islands twice before and thought I knew the area pretty well, but Shane, our captain, suggested and took us to many sites I can’t believe we had missed before.  The ship was very accommodating and perfect for laying about in the sun while sailing around in the perfect sunny weather.  We all had a great time throughout all ten days, but my personal favorites that I highly recommend are snorkeling at Turtle Cove on Buck Island and The Baths on Virgin Gorda.  As the name suggests, Turtle Cove is perfect for spotting multiple turtles grazing about in the sea grass.  When we were there, at least eight turtles were about and all were very comfortable around us as they periodically came up for air.  Those looking to pet turtles should definitely visit this site.  The Baths were definitely my overall favorite.  Besides being composed of remarkable rock formations that you are able to walk through along a labeled path or off on your own, there are many little pools perfect for snorkeling.  These pools may seem empty at first, but once underwater I realized they were full of small colorful life.  Also the outside rocky area surrounding The Baths are incredible for snorkelers and have some of the most vibrant coral life that I have ever seen.

Again, this trip is a wonderful way to spend a week and perfect for those looking to get some sun.  Shane is a wonderful captain and host and is willing to take you to wherever you are interested in going.  If in doubt for a site to see, he also has many sites to show and knows a great deal about each. I would highly recommend it all and hope that everyone in the future has as amazing of a trip as I did.

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