I’m a mooring ball

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Rusty and Linda wanted to watch the Super Bowl at Staniel Cay since they had friends on two boats that were going to be there from the north.  It turns out I had met Troy and Deana from Storyville when I had the boat in the Houston area.  The other boat was Kaleo with Matt & Christy.  We all met and spend the week together, plus Steve on Anchor Management who came around mid week.  We started to call the group the Texas Navy since everyone was either born and raised there or lives there now.

SYL rafted up to me right next to Thunderball Cave and each day took everyone out for an excursion.  One day we motored through the Pipe Creek Alley area when it was flat calm so we could see all the different colors and pull the boat up to the beach and enjoy the sand and flotsam artwork.  Another day we sailed his boat 5 miles south to Black Point so we could get internet and more coconut bread (YES!!!).  The third day we took his boat around Harvey Cay (5 miles) in order to go to pig beach (1 mile from our anchorage)(Rusty likes to move each day).  I decided to get in and swim with the pigs and get some photos.  It was exciting.  Each day Rusty would come back to my boat and tie off (along with everyone tying their dinghies to my boat) so I started feeling like a 40 foot mooring ball.

We swam in Thunderball Cave a couple of times and I wondered if you could jump through the hole in the ceiling (the answer is YOU BET!!)  It was a blast as you plummet 25 feet or more into the grotto.

Everyone decided they would rather move south to Black Point on Friday morning instead of Thursday afternoon so I made my mom’s famous chocolate chip cookies and took them around to everyone (a hit as usual – thanks mom).  We enjoyed Black Point for a day (this is my favorite community so far) and moved around the point early Saturday morning in order to have protection from a new front that hit at noon.

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