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Have I got an ending to this week for you, but you have to hear the early part of the week first.

Rusty & Linda, still from Sea Yawl Later, and I went to service in Barraterre, used the internet at Same Ole Place (they are pictured in front of it), and continue to explore this small wonderful town.  We even rented a car so they could renew their immigration and we could tour the rest of Great Exuma Island.  We saw a memorial to Pompey, who started an uprising against slavery and two different historic tombs sites.

After four days Rusty really wanted to anchor at Children’s Bay Cay because he thought it looked beautiful.  Him and I ended up have guy time by starting a fire on the beach.  We even acted like Tom Hanks in Cast Away by yelling “look at what we have created….FIRE!!!”.  It was unbelievably peaceful and Rusty got some great photos.

On Wednesday we went north to be at Little Farmers Cay for the 5 Fs (Farmers First Friday in February Festival).  I had my sails up within 200 feet of leaving the anchorage and sailed all the way to the Farmers anchorage and even anchored without turning on the engines (I moved over 15 miles and used the engines for 10 minutes…I love being able to do that).  The festival was not until Friday so I took Rusty to Oven Rock Cave.  I decided to hike in my snorkel gear and he commented on my choice of equipment verse his (a glass of rum and coke), but I think I enjoyed mine more.  The cave was better than last time, because I snorkeled around and saw where the cave continued underwater.  We even saw little red shrimp.

Now the ending of week, SYL came by and got me so we could take his boat to the start line of the local C class boat race.  We were told information that was not completely actuate (not uncommon around here as things change alot), but we had a great sail on their boat and were at the start line when a radio transmission came across asking for crew on one of the local boats.  I volunteered and was whisked away to More Fire for the two races.  The crew was newly formed and the boat was not in the best condition (it leaked so bad that we had to bail water through out the race and I think the boat would have sank in 2-3 hours otherwise), so we came in last place on the first race.  We worked on tuning the boat and getting our actions in step with each other and missed first place by 4-5 boat lengths for the second race.  They seemed to think I did a good job because they asked me to crew on the races the next day, which I did.  It was a different and highly rewarding experience.

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