After the storm passes…

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After the front came through last Sunday I picked up anchor and high tailed it to Black Point in order to attend church there. It was quite enjoyable and I met a great missionary couple who I spend a couple of hours with. That night I jumped between the three restaurants and was able to see both championship games. I even got coconut bread at Lorraine’s and it is every bit as good as everyone told me it would be. The next day I walked around town and saw the blow hole (had a blast watching it) and the Garden Of Eden (a collection of driftwood sculptures – pictured), before I did laundry and picked up some groceries.

On Tuesday I went down to Little Farmer’s Cay, because I heard about the Oven Rock Cave. The problem was the directions were sketchy to say the least (go down the trail and take the 2nd or 3rd fork, but it is not distinguishable….). I spent a couple of hours looking and getting my legs all scratched up. I did not find it and went back to the boat because the sun was going down. In the morning I looked on the internet for GPS coordinates and found some. I went right to the cave, which was no where near where I was looking (the coordinates are trailhead – N23 58.929/W76 19.759, Turn off N23 59.050/W76 19.651, cave N23 59.037/W76 19.646). Even though I was right there you could not see the cave, because it was covered by trees. When I went in I was blown away. It was so cool and I only got to see a third of it because the rest is underwater (you can scuba dive it).

The rest of the week I stopped at Cave Cay for fuel, anchored at Rudder Cut Cay (I found lots of sand dollars), and moved down to Lee Stocking Cay. I got a tour of the Caribbean Marine Research Center (tours are Tuesday and Friday at 10AM). I got to see my first hyperbolic chamber.  Later I took the dinghy to Leaf Cay because my cruising guide said there were sea beans and butterflies galore (NOPE!!!). I did meet Luna Sea (another Lagoon 410 and hung out with them until 1AM).

This morning I picked up and headed to the Barraterre settlement. On the way Sea Ya Later saw me and called. Once again they changed plans and came with me. How lucky am I?

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