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If you are only going to do one hike on Mustique

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Salt Pond Walk - POTD
Salt Pond Walk - Salt Pond

Looking across the salt pond

Those that have been reading the last several blogs you know that I am describing my time on Mustique Island and also that I hurt my back 4-5 days before. This made it so I was not that interested in doing many of the incredible hikes around the island, but I really wanted to do the easy hike around the salt pond on the southwest corner of the island.

Salt Pond Walk - Beach

Where I got stuck!

This beautiful hike is best around sunset since you are walking along some truly amazing beaches with the sun setting to the west in an unobstructed view. Just beware if you try to walk to the conch shell islands a hundred feet across the shallow water as I did. Turns out you go from hard packed sand to quicksand like conditions in one step. All of a sudden I found my legs buried up to the mid calf and unable to pull them out. My guest was trying to figure out what I was doing and came to investigate. Lucky for me he did so I could give him my phone and wallet before they got wet. 🙂 I finally was able to pull my legs out of the mud, that seemed to suck them in the entire time, without losing my sandal.

Salt Pond Walk - Sugar Mill

Sugar mill ruins

The rest of the walk is on the other side of the salt pond, which I find have a beauty all their own and are a bird watchers paradise. All in all I doubt the entire walk was a mile long, but we did have to walk a bit down a road in order to see the old sugar mill ruins.

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