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An island tour of Mustique is a must do

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Island Tour - Bamboo Church POTD
Island Tour - Old Cotton House

the tower housing the small museum on the Cotton House property

Yesterday I told you about the private island of Mustique, what the rules to visit are, and how much we loved hanging out there for three days. Today I am going to continue telling you about the island by describing an island tour, which is the most popular activity for guest to the island.

Island Tour - Estates

The gate to Tommy Hilfiger’s estate on Mustique

The tours cost about $50 an hour and should take 1 to 1.5 hours depending on what all you want to see and do. Almost all of them start at Basil’s (I told you about this gem yesterday) and the first stop is the local village, which is just about the cutest and tidiest village in the Caribbean. Most of the village is on one loop off the main road, but there are other building out from there like the school, community center, etc. The next stop is the Bamboo Church across from the small airstrip. This open air church is gorgeous in its simplicity. After this we asked if we could see the small museum on the property of the Cotton House, which is an elegant resort on the remains of a plantation. The museum is housed within the windmill and, even though it is small, I found it well worth a visit. From here our driver drove us around the island showing us several of the 101 estates on the island that are owned by the rich and famous including Tommy Hilfiger, Mick Jagar, and Bryan Adams. He knew who owned each estate and also how much they rent out for on a weekly basis.

Island Tour - Tortious Statue

a statue featuring one of the hundred tortiouses we say on the island

Doing the island tour really showed off why so many rich people want to own houses here and why others want to visit. It is absolutely gorgeous. I mean if it is good enough for Prince William and Princess Kate to honeymoon here then it should be just fine for me to spend three days here. 🙂

Island Tour - Village

One of the houses in the small local village

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