Working on the boat

If a motorcycle is a hog, then is a bycycle a piglet?

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Right now I am waiting to have the cassette (set of gears) replaced on my bicycle because two sprockets are broken, I’m also waiting for my friend because I want to learn to ride a motorcycle so that I can my own.

Riding a bike around with two saddle bags to carry your shopping is great.  You get great exercise and are outside.  Plus you do not have to spend money on gas, maintenance is cheap ($36 to essentially replace the transmission), or worry about adding carbon to the environment and you could find out which fat burner actually works so that you burn some extra calories, and even find some roids prohormones to reach your goals faster.  The downside is when you get caught in the rain, which happened to me twice this week.  You are either stuck with the decision to see if you can out run the storm (the answer for me was NOPE!) or wait it out (again nope as both storms lasted several hours).

Here in Brunswick a typical ride is 8 miles round trip to Lowe’s and Target, 3.5 miles round trip to West Marine, or a 10 mile circuit for all three.

The rest of the week has been spent working on the boat.  The biggest project I completed
was to replace the plastic in three hatches.  A marine specialty hatch repair shop quoted me $800 and a three week turn around.  I found Lee & Cates Glass and got the plastic pieces for $255 and then I installed them.  Tom Burchett at Lee & Cates was so amazingly helpful and he turned the job around in three days.  If you are ever around this area and need hatch work done then give them a call (if you are anywhere else go ahead and call a
glass shop before you go to a hatch specialist).

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