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How much electricity?!?!?

By September 25, 2011 No Comments

So on Tuesday I got the monthly dockage invoice and it said I used 776 kilowatt hours in the last 30 days and owed $125 in electrical charges.  Of course at that point I had only been back for seven days, so that would work out to 3100 KWH and $500 in electricity for a month.  Whoa!!!!  There was just no way!  A three thousand square foot house, in the dead of summer, in Dallas only uses around 2500 KWH, so there is no way my boat is that high.  I went to the office the next day and asked them about it and the first thing she said was…..”there is no way you used that much in seven days.  I don’t think you could use that much in two months!”  So she did not charge me anything for the month (SWEET) and I am logging the daily usage.

Other than the electric bill the rest of my time was spent ordering stuff (hinges, mattress, hatches, LED lights, pumps, ect) and cleaning.  I know a lot of you already know this, but the Magic Eraser is AMAZING.  That thing will lift up almost any stain, scuff, smudge, ect.  I don’t think my boat has ever been this clean…and that may include when it floated out of the factory.

Have a great week everyone.

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