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Highland Waterfall was probably our favorite and we stumbled onto it

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Highland Waterfall 1

Highland Waterfall 3Highland Waterfall is the tallest single waterfall on Tobago and is quite a sight. I was trying to find Craig Hall Waterfall because it was featured in the 1960 movie Swiss Family Robinson, I wrote about it three weeks ago. As I said in that blog, I was frustrated I could not find such a simple waterfall, turns out it was down some stairs…..who would

have guessed a waterfall was down some stairs, silly me, and finally asked a local guy in his late 20’s. He said he takes people to the waterfall all the time and he would take us for around $10 US each. He said it was really hard to find and would take about 30 minutes of walking. I verified he was talking about the waterfall that was in the movie and he said “yes, of course”. On the way there he turned to me and asked “so, Highland Waterfall was in a movie?” I was rather upset by this since I verified the one he was taking us to was the one in the movie. Turns out it was not, BUT we are so glad we went with him to Highland Waterfall.

Highland Waterfall 2

The Creek leading to it. Check out tomorrow’s POTD for another shot of the waterfall.

When we saw the tall waterfall plunging into a pool surrounded by cliffs, we knew we had gone to a special waterfall. Mix this in with the fact no one was there, and it was all ours. It was amazing. The best way to get to the waterfall is to jump 15 into the pool and swim up to it. The water felt great and the little canyon was fun to swim along to get out. Afterwards, we climbed to the top of the waterfall and had some great views looking down it and the stream above it.

To get there Tobago Retreats says “The Courland River has the highest waterfall in Tobago, Highland Waterfalls. Driving through Les Coteaux heading for Moriah, you continue straight on the old road past the shingled church, graveyard and the NEMA centre. The road down to the river is the first one on the right that you get to. This crosses a bridge and you take the left turn after that. You can either follow the road and cross the ford or follow the river. There is a short section where you may have to use the river, but this is manageable by any age. Before the waterfall is a large swimmable pool, you can swim this to access the waterfall or you can cross it and climb the rocks to get a good view of it. There is a tour guide who takes you to this river using off road vehicles.”

Highland Waterfall 4

Look for this house and ask if he will guide you to the waterfall

I have a way simpler way to get there. Find Craig Hall Waterfall off the road between Moriah and Mason Hall. From there go 100 yards up the hill to the blue and white house with the green roof and ask if they will guide you to the Highland Waterfall (sorry I forgot the young man’s name). He will take you on a goat trail through the rainforest, hop and jump across the creek, and climb down a tall dirt cliff using the tree roots to get to the waterfall. He was right you are not going to find it on your own, but the journey there was almost as adventurous as the Highland Waterfall itself!

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