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I spent most of this week in George Town.  This is the hub of cruising in the lower Bahamas.  Right now there are between 275 and 350 boat in the natural harbor formed between Great Exuma Island and Stocking Island.  There is always some activity going on around the area.  I played volleyball three different afternoons (they taught me the legal way to hit the ball since I had never really played before).  I played Trivial Pursuit with Rusty, Ted, and Millie.  We got 25 out of 40 right, which got us 12th 🙁 place. Texas Hold Em happened twice and the second time I placed 7th out of 50 (I went out on a pair of eights in my hand where the other guy had a king and a three…the shared cards were all over the board, but a king was one of them and no more eights came up for me). 

Rusty and I went the mile across the bay 2-3 times for groceries, trash, fill propane bottles, do laundry, and walk around.  He also helped me go to the school and dropped off the 30 boxes of text books I brought down for the Seven Seas Cruising Association (you can read about it on the Philanthropy page).

One time Rusty and I were the talk of the anchorage.  I was relaxing on my boat and Rusty ended up anchoring right in front of me.  Well he wanted to surprise me so he let out more anchor chain so his boat would be even with my and he could tie up.  Everyone else thought he was dragging into me and they all got in their dinghies and came to help.  They seemed a little perplexed when we both came out of my boat with drinks and were waving.

I did have to reattach a patch on the dinghy (I think it will hold this time) and I changed the charcoal filter on my water system (I try and do this every six months).

SYL showed movies on the sail twice and I had him (33 feet long) and Texas Two Step (38 feet long) rafted to me one night (it looked like Goldilocks would say too big, too small, and just right). And the rest of the Texas Navy arrived Thursday afternoon and we all hung out the rest of the week.

On Friday Eric and Marilyn, from Seattle, flew in to spend 10 days aboard and Linda (she had to fly home for a week) and Erin (her daughter) flew in for Rusty.  They were going to bring a new Honda 2000 generator that I bought, but American Airlines said they detected fuel on the never removed from the box generator.  They would not let it on the plane, so Erin will have to mail it when she gets home.  They did get to bring me my new camera (yea!!!).

Saturday I headed 20 miles south to Long Island with Eric and Marilyn and we anchored in Calabash Bay.

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