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A week in Black Point!!!

By February 20, 2011 No Comments

Ok everyone, this week was about hanging out in the best community in the Bahamas (in my limited opinion), BLACK POINT.  As I said last week the Texas Navy moved to the south of Black Point in order to get protection from a NE wind which was coming.  Well the navy grew by three boats and the winds were 15-25 until Friday so everyone decided to stay anchored at Castle Beach (named due to a house that looks like a castle) and enjoy the community.

On Sunday I arranged for a ride for everyone to go to church and I had a surprise for them.  Friday night Kevin, the pastor and police chief, asked if I would give the sermon.  Normally I would have said no thank you, but I had just finished reading 5 Love Languages (great book if you have not read it) and was thinking how that could apply to our relationship with God and how it would be cool to tell people about it.  Well two hours later Kevin asked me, and it was a put up or shut up moment if I ever heard of one.

The rest of our time in Black Point consisted on going to Lorraine’s for internet, walking around town and getting to know the community, working on adding a boost pump to my water maker, installing hinges and latches to my repaired forward hatch covers, working on Anchor Management’s (Steve) wind generator, having a get together on my boat one night, spear fishing for lobsters (got my first one and it was nice, but Steve got a two footer – ie monster), got a haircut, got propositioned to kiss a local guy (I told him I don’t think so), patched the dinghy, met another 410 (Two Of A Kind), flew Rusty’s 8 foot kite on the beach (what a work out), and attended a sunset pot luck where Rusty projected Captain Ron onto his sail for everyone.

On Friday everyone sailed down to Little Farmer Cay so I could show them Oven Rock Cave, but the weather turned cloudy, cool, and rainy so everyone stayed on their boats.

SYL, Morning Glory (Ted & Millie), and I took off on Saturday and sailed 40 miles to George Town (we averaged over 7 knots for the trip) and anchored among 325 boats.  This place is the cruising headquarters in the Bahamas and there is always something going on.  Rusty and I found an annual potluck pizza party and were told to enjoy even though we did not have time to get something together for it.  I even had Mike & Rebecca from Zero To Crusing stop by and asked if I was the same Guiding Light who knew Knot Tide Down (I spend time with them in Annapolis in September).

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